At GWLRA, we recognize the stress and impact COVID-19 is having on your business.

GWL Realty Advisors

Our commitment to health and safety:

As areas gradually stabilize from the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, we are looking forward to having tenants and their employees back in our building. As always, the safety and wellbeing of our tenants, visitors, staff, contractors and service providers remain our highest priority.

We want to assure you that we have been working hard to keep the building clean, safe and accessible. We would like to share the proactive measures we have implemented since the early stages of the pandemic and continue to undertake, as well as the preparation and planning that is on-going to ensure that buildings are ready for a safe return of our tenants.

Thorough Cleaning

Our cleaners continue to ensure our buildings are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Our team is also taking the time to carry out focused cleaning on high touch common areas such as entrance doors, elevator kiosks, and washroom doors.

Diagramme d'une vadrouille et d'un seau avec de l'eau savonneuse
Schéma d'un distributeur de désinfectant pour les mains

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

We have installed extra hand sanitizer stations throughout our buildings with emphasis on common areas.

Hand Hygiene Practices

We continue to promote good hand hygiene practices in our buildings to maintain awareness and decrease the spread of COVID-19.

Diagram of thorough washing of hands

Changes to Building
Operations & Cleaning

All building equipment continues to be inspected and maintained to ensure good working condition and operation.

Additional and/or enhanced air filtration is occurring in all buildings.

Increased cleaning and sanitization of common areas and high touch points such as elevators (call buttons and interior touch points), entrance doors, handles, glass, and washrooms.

Cleaners have been trained on approved sanitizing guidelines.

GWLRA employees will be equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when in direct contact with tenants.

Managing the potential spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility. Tenants who will have staff returning to their offices should provide their employees with anti viral products to sanitize their work areas throughout the day.

Physical Distancing

GWLRA is establishing guidelines and protocols in an effort to allow enough space for proper physical distancing of all tenants, visitors, and employees. Tenants and visitors to our buildings can expect the following:

Wayfinding to streamline foot traffic in common areas and ensure physical distancing is maintained in the main lobby, elevators, hallways, common areas, washrooms, and stairwells.

Signage to explain building access rules and protocols impacting tenants and visitors.

Transparent shields at security and concierge counters throughout the building to ensure your health and wellbeing. Building entrances may be restricted to accommodate physical distancing. Please follow the signage posted.

Lobby furniture may be reduced or entirely removed to allow for physical distancing.


Elevator queues may be handled differently in each building.

Please follow the signage and the instructions from GWLRA staff and security.

The number of people per cab will be restricted and you will be asked to stand only in designated areas while in the cab. Expect increased time to arrive at your floor.

Welcoming Your
Employees Back

Even as the pandemic subsides, we must all play our part and remain vigilant to ensure the safety of those at our properties. We ask you to consider implementing the following protocols for your returning employees:

Stagger the return of your employees and allow only 20 to 30% back in the office for the first few weeks.

Assume it will take longer for employees to arrive at your floor due to elevator cab restrictions. Consider different start and end times for your teams.

Adopt flexible working hours to reduce density in the office and lineups during early morning, lunch, and rush hours. Implement a strict clean desk policy, avoid the sharing of desks, and space out desks wherever possible.

Create one way foot traffic routes, if possible.

Avoid in person meetings or limit the number of attendees.

Limit access and/or create strict protocols for visitors.

Communication with Property Management:

It’s important that we stay in touch. One of the easiest ways to do that is through OneServe, our on line service request portal.

The Property Management team is here to help you transition your employees back into the building. Please reach out to your Property Manager for more information.

Please note we will try to schedule any noncritical maintenance requests outside of normal business hours to promote physical distancing.



What are we doing to sanitize and disinfect the building?

We have increased cleaning in all buildings with particular attention to high touch point areas such as door handles, buttons, etc. Many of our buildings use medical-grade cleaning supplies to effectively sanitize common areas.

Are we doing additional cleaning in tenant premises, or do they have to arrange that?

Tenants should reach out to Property Managers to discuss specific needs.

If we have closed our office, are janitorial services reduced and will we get a reduction in operation costs?

Please reach out to your Property Manager.

Can GWLRA order cleaning supplies for tenants?


Office Closures

Will security or Property Manager let service providers into our space: plant maintenance, etc.?

No. For the safety and security of your premise, we do not and will not allow outside providers into your space.

Will security or Property Manager accept deliveries for us?


Will security or Property Manager arrange to forward deliveries and Canada Post for us?


Will security provide extra patrols in our premises?

Please contact your Property Manager.

Will security patrol our premises when staff is working alone?

Please contact your Property Manager.

Can we reset access cards to control employee access to our premises?

Yes, please contact your Property Manager.

Will you provide access card reports so we can see who is accessing our space?

Please contact your Property Manager.

Building Closures

Is the building closing? If not, why not?

Buildings will only be closed by order of a government entity. Please contact your Property Manager.


Do we still have to pay for parking?

Yes. Please consult your parking agreement, or your employer for further information.

Suspected or Confirmed Cases in the Building

Will we be notified of any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases?

Yes. Tenant contacts will be notified, and notifications will be posted on the entrance to the building. We will not share any personal information and where required, we will follow the direction of local health authorities.

What steps will GWLRA take to ensure the affected premises/building is safe to re-enter?

Common areas in building will be sanitized. Tenant space will be cleaned according to the tenant request.

Will the guards stop people from entering the building who exhibit symptoms of being ill?

Due to privacy concerns our guards cannot ask personal questions of anyone entering the building. We expect people to maintain government protocols to ensure the health of themselves and others in the buildings.


Will communications remain through OneServe?

Communications protocol for your building has not changed.

Can tenants post signage in their building lobbies?

If you have specific requests related to your business please contact your Property Manager.

Can GWLRA post tenant/business closures on GWLRA’s website?



Are work orders still being addressed and to what capacity?

Building operators continue to work in the building to ensure safe operations of the property. They are still taking care of work orders with special care and attention to preventative maintenance.

What are we doing to reduce Operating Costs for tenants?

We are continuing to keep the building open and safe by maintaining cleaning, security and operating costs. Costs will remain the same until further notice.